Diagnostics and Digital Radiology

Diagnostic imaging is critical in diagnosing patients. Humans are lucky when it comes to their healthcare as we can use our language skills to explain the symptoms we are experiencing. But unfortunately your pets cannot. That is why Villa Rica Animal Hospital uses the latest in diagnostic services.

We have advanced digital imaging technology, including digital x-ray and ultrasound, which allow us to obtain a higher quality of image to better diagnose potential internal issues with your pet. This also allows our veterinarian to determine whether invasive surgical procedures are needed.

The ability to use advanced equipment to ‘see’ exactly what is normal or abnormal within, as well as plan and execute effective treatment has revolutionized veterinary medicine and our ability to take care of your pet.

Rapid access to the highest quality images, combined with the ability to use sophisticated tools to work with those images, allows your pet to get the best care, faster. Additionally, all imaging studies can be made available to referring veterinarians and patient owners.